New Patients

Practice Area

We are pleased to be welcoming new patients.

All new patients who have an existing medical condition e.g. asthma diabetes etc or are aged 65 or over, will  have to see the HealthCare Assistant for a new patient check.

Patients should inform us in writing of their change of address and/or telephone number so that we can update our records.

If you want to check if a prescription, letter sick note etc. has been done, or a result has been received, please ask a receptionist  or register for online access and you will be able to see this information.

Catchment Area


To register at the surgery we need you to follow the steps below:

1) You must present at the surgery with proof of ID (Passport or drivers licence) & proof of address (Bank statement, tenancy agreement or official bill dated within the last 3 months). You must also bring your NHS number & name & address of your previous GP. (If you are from abroad you must also note the date of arrival in the UK).

If you are unable to provide this information we will still register you please speak to our reception team.

2) You will need to complete the appropriate forms at reception including a GMS1 form, Patient Health Questionnaire and Summary Care Record.

3) You must book a new patient health check if your medical questionnaire indicates it is needed e.g. existing medical problem or if you are age 65+.


You can register online using the New Patient Registration Online Form.

If you are aged between 40-74 and have no pre-existing problems you might be eligible for a NHS Health check and will be sent an invitation.

Please note- all forms need to be completed for your registration to be processed.